Will your roof stay strong or fail when bad weather hits? As a homeowner, I believe in the power of professional roofers. They do more than install shingles – they ensure our homes are ready for anything. Asphalt shingles are a top choice in North America. They can stand up to 130 mph winds1. That’s why pros must handle shingle installation. They make sure our homes can face tough weather now and in the future.

Key Takeaways

  • Recognizing the robust, cost-effective nature of asphalt shingles as the leading roofing material1.
  • Acknowledging the necessity of pros of professional installation for optimal durability and performance1.
  • Understanding the significant impact of shingle selection on a home’s visual exterior and the importance of aesthetic compatibility2.
  • Considering the long-term cost savings and sound protection benefits that accompany expert shingle installation services12.
  • Valuing the importance of professional roofers for maintaining compliance with local building codes and industry standards2.

The Unmatched Benefits of Professional Roof Shingle Installation

Updating my home, the roof stands out as key for protection and looks. Choosing professional roof shingle installation is a smart move for the future. Here’s why having experts do it is so important.

Superior Quality and Durability

Experts ensure my roof shingles are strong and last long. They pick high-quality materials for their durability. By using the best methods, they make sure my roof stands up to bad weather and stays safe over time.

Aesthetic Appeal with Diverse Design Options

Professional roofers help make my home reflect my style. They offer many designs in different colors, styles, and shapes. This lets me choose a roof that looks unique and adds to my home’s beauty.

Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Run

The upfront cost might seem high, but it pays off later. Avoiding constant repairs or early replacements saves money over time. I see it as a smart money move, ensuring my investment lasts longer.

Alleviating Safety Concerns

Safety is a top priority. Professionals use the right tools and safety equipment, easing my worries. It’s priceless to know that my roof is being done safely. This gives me peace of mind during the project.

Thinking about these benefits, it’s clear why professional installation is my choice for roof shingle installation. It brings superior quality, durability, aesthetic appeal, diverse design options, cost-effectiveness, and safety concerns relief. It’s a smart choice for homeowners.

Reasons to Hire Experts for Shingle Installation

For roof shingle installation, you really need professional roofers. They make the job quicker and do it right3. This lowers the chance of mistakes that can cost you more later3. Experts know how to balance quality, follow the rules, and make your roof better than required3. This means your roof will meet and beat the city’s standards3.

Choosing pros for your roof shingle installation is smart money-wise4. A roof put on by experts costs less over time than doing it yourself4. DIY can lead to extra costs from fixes. So, hiring experts keeps these costs away4.

Many roof guarantees say a pro must do the installation to keep the warranty4. This point shows how important professional work is. Warranties protect your money. If your house is big or the roof is steep, it’s safer and smarter to get expert roofers4.

Pros can finish what might take a DIYer a lot longer4. They can often get your roof done in just a day4. This is handy and protects your home. Also, expert roofers make your roof look great, something hard to do on your own4.

Thinking about this, the benefits of hiring experts are clear. You get peace of mind knowing your roof is done right, quickly, and safely34. It’s not just any installation, it’s an investment for your home’s future.

Consideration DIY Installation Professional Installation
Installation Time Variable, often extended As little as one day4
Material Quality Dependent on homeowner’s choice High-quality and eco-friendly3
Safety High risk without proper training Ensured by experts4
Building Code Compliance Potential for oversight Guaranteed adherence3
Long-Term Costs Increased due to potential errors4 Lowered through expertise4
Warranty Validity At risk Preserved with professional service4
Aesthetic Outcome Varies Aesthetically pleasing results4

Shingle Installation Best Practices by Epic Construction

Epic Construction always sticks to the best ways to put in shingles. We’ve seen how bad attic air and errors can shorten a roof’s life5. So, we always start with checking your roof’s needs and making a plan just for it. This helps us make your roof last longer.

Assessment and Customized Solutions

We begin by really looking at your attic air flow. In hot places like Punta Gorda, FL, this is crucial6. We check out the age and type of your roof, too. Then we make a plan to stop any harm from heat or weather, making sure your roof stays strong56.

State-of-the-Art Installation Techniques

Next, we use the newest and best ways to install your roof, like the top tools shown at the International Roofing Expo by Atlas Roofing7. Our team knows how to use these tools well. We aim to avoid common problems like roof blisters or curls5.

Ensuring Compliance with Local Building Codes

We also make sure to follow all local building rules. Doing it wrong can cause lots of damage, even inside your house5. We use our knowledge to ensure your roof meets the high standards it should. This keeps your roof and home safe.

In the end, Epic Construction focuses on doing everything right, from checking your roof’s needs to following local rules. You can trust us to provide a roof that lasts through tough conditions. We use what we’ve learned from our work and research to give you the best576.

Roof Shingle Installation Why You Should Leave it to the Pros

Thinking about improving your home with roof shingle installation? You might want to do it yourself. But, because installing shingles is complex and needs special skills, leaving it to the pros is a smart move. Experts know about new, energy-saving materials that are better for our planet.

For example, white roofing reflects 60–90% of sunlight. Some “cool colored” roofs reflect 30–60% of sunlight8. This reflection cuts down on energy use. Professional roofers are good at picking and installing these materials for the biggest energy savings.

There are many materials like asphalt and wood that keep your house cool if treated right. For instance, asphalt shingles with special granules help save energy8. By choosing pro roofers, these materials get installed perfectly. This helps your home use less energy.

Putting in special roof shingles needs expert hands. Pros have access to the best materials. They install things like polymer shingles and clay tiles the right way for cooling8. This makes a strong case to choose professionals for the job.

Some roofs, like green roofs, cool your house by evaporating water from plants. There are also metal roofs that reflect sunlight. Pros understand how climate affects your roof’s cooling. They make sure your roof saves as much energy as possible based on where you live8.

The benefits of professional installation go beyond saving energy. In humid places, cool roofs can stop mold or algae for years. This shows how pro roofers think ahead8. They make sure your roof follows all rules for cool roofs. This makes your investment last longer and look good, too.

Roofing Material Solar Reflectance Energy Saving Potential
White Roofing Products 60 – 90% Maximum
Cool Colored Roofing Products 30 – 60% High
Light-colored or cool-colored shingles Variable Significant
Green Roofs (Evaporative) N/A Variable (Climate Dependent)

In the end, the skill and wisdom of professional roofers are unmatched. They know about things like how different roofs reflect sunlight and meet specific standards. Choosing hiring professional roofers means investing in your home’s future. You get reliability, a warranty, and peace of mind with their quality work. For roof shingle installation, hiring skilled experts is the best choice.


As a homeowner, think about the plus sides of having a pro install your roof shingles. Experts make sure your roof is top-notch and lasts long. They also make it look good with lots of design choices. Getting pros is about more than just putting on shingles. They make sure everything is done right, follow the rules, and pick the best materials. They can even work in winter if it’s not too cold or snowy9.

Putting on shingles has risks like looking bad or being unsafe. Roofing when it’s cold is trickier because materials can be stiff and icy spots are slippery9. Keeping roofers happy in bad weather helps keep the work good and safe. Also, with more hail storms happening, there are tough shingles that can take a beating. These strong materials can lower your insurance bills10.

From my experience, choosing pros for your roof is a wise move. This approach brings long-term savings. You save money with materials that last longer and cut down on heating or cooling costs10. This isn’t just about putting on a roof. It’s a smarter way to think about your entire roof system. It makes your house safer, looks good, and saves money over time. Trusting pros to install your shingles is clearly the smart choice for a better home11.


What are the benefits of professional roof shingle installation?

Professional roof shingle installation provides top-notch quality and lasts longer. It makes your home look more attractive with different designs. Plus, it saves money in the long run and keeps you safe.

Why should I hire experts for shingle installation?

Hiring experts makes sure your roof is installed right and avoids expensive mistakes. They follow local building rules, save you time, use the best materials, and give you peace of mind.

What are the shingle installation best practices followed by Epic Construction?

Epic Construction checks your roof carefully before offering a personalized plan. They use the latest methods and ensure they follow local building rules.

Why is it recommended to leave roof shingle installation to the professionals?

Leaving the job to professionals guarantees excellent quality, lasting durability, and a beautiful look. It also saves you money over time and addresses safety worries, leading to a great result.

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