What makes a home safe? It’s professional roofing services. They protect our homes from nature. Quality roof installation services come with expert help. They show dedication to good work.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing a licensed roof installer with significant industry experience is crucial for a durable roof.
  • Verify the roofing contractor’s elite certifications that benchmark the quality of their services.
  • A warranty on both materials and labor is essential for long-term roof performance and investment protection.
  • Transparency in pricing and clear estimates are key to a trustworthy relationship with your roofing contractor.
  • Having financing options can make essential roof replacements accessible and financially manageable.
  • Look for a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction, clear communication, and respect for your property.

The Premier Choice for Expert Roof Installation

As a leader, I take great pride in offering top-notch roof installation. My company is well-known in St. Joseph Missouri. We provide customized services that meet your needs. We know all about traditional and modern materials. This helps us recommend the best options for weather resistance and style.

I handle many roof shapes, including gabled and arched roofs2. I respect traditional and modern materials like bamboo and clay2. My goal is to always go beyond what my customers expect3. I use high-quality materials suited for Texas’ tough climate3. This ensures your roof meets the highest professional standards.

Roofing knowledge in my family goes back three generations. I use new techniques but keep customer happiness and clear communication at the core4.  I aim to share my high-quality roofing with more people. I offer Free Same-Day Estimates to make finding the right roof easy for everyone4.

The needs for roofs change with time, so we embrace new ideas like green roofs2. These roofs are good for nature and keep your home warm or cool. They also make your home look great.

I’m skilled in managing different roofing challenges, such as those with flat roofs4. I use strong materials like concrete and ceramic tiles2. With a hundred years in the business, we offer great workmanship4. Our warranties mean your roof is not just made well but also brings security and style to your home.

Comprehensive Roof Installation Services Tailored to Your Needs

At Epic Construction, we focus on making roof installation personalized. We meet your needs with great care from the start. Our team is known for skillful installations, thanks to years of hard work since 19875. We’ve checked more than 300,000 roofs5 and completed 110,000 repairs5. We aim higher every day to provide top-quality roofs.

Initial Consultation and Thorough Planning

First, we have a meeting to understand what you want. This planning makes sure the roof we build fits your style and budget. Our plan has five precise steps for clear communication and trust, offering great results6.

Variety of Quality Materials for Every Design

We are proud to offer a wide selection of materials. Choose from long-lasting asphalt shingles7 or eco-friendly ceramic tiles7. Or pick modern metal roofing and sturdy flat roofs7. Our materials are chosen for their durability. We ensure your roof investment lasts6.

Professional Installation by a Skilled Team

Our experts are very experienced in installing roofs. They provide quality work that makes us stand out. Our team handles new roofs, replacements, and repairs for homes and businesses6. Your roof will look good, save energy, and satisfy you with our careful installation and cleanup6.

Material Type Lifespan Benefits
Asphalt Shingles 15-20 years Requires minimal maintenance7
Ceramic Tiles Decades Eco-friendly, Durable7
Metal Roofing Varies Energy-efficient, Stylish
Flat Roof Systems Varies Waterproof, Fire-resistant7

Exceptional Quality and Certified Expertise in Roofing

My team is fully dedicated to exceptional quality and certified expertise. We are known for providing top-notch professional roof installation services. We believe that trust comes from having the right credentials. We’re more than workers; we’re licensed roof installers who aim to surpass what’s expected.

We constantly improve our skills. This puts us in the top 2% of North American roofers8. Being part of this group shows our skill and dedication to great customer service.

We only use the best materials and work closely with GAF’s innovative roofing range. This ensures your home gets the highest quality8. Working with GAF also lets our customers enjoy the GAF System Plus Limited Warranty. This warranty adds extra assurance of having a strong, lasting roof9.

By choosing us, homeowners get more than great roofing service. They get a standout protection plan. The GAF Golden Pledge Plus Limited Warranty offers a 50-year material warranty and a 25-year workmanship warranty. Plus, a 40-point factory inspection guarantees trust and quality8.

Certification Level Training Rigor Quality Assured Customer Satisfaction Warranty Terms
Master Elite Extensive & Continuous High-quality Materials President’s Club Recognized 50-year Material, 25-year Workmanship
Authorized Contractor Competency-Based Optimized Roof Lifespan Personalized Service System Plus Limited Warranty
GAF Certified Industry-Leading Advanced Roofing Systems Exemplary Work Quality Extended Warranty Access

Lastly, my passion for professional roof installation is based on GAF’s thorough certification. It sharpens my skills to the highest standards. Only 2% of roofers reach these standards10. With my certified expertise, you’re choosing lifelong quality for your most valuable asset – your home.

Unrivaled Support and Maintenance for Lasting Durability

I’m committed to more than just the first setup at Epic Construction. I focus on unrivaled support and maintenance services. This is to keep your investment safe and long-lasting. A roof is key to your property’s safety, so I plan regular checks and do needed proactive repairs.

Regular Inspections and Proactive Repairs

Keeping your roof in top shape is a constant task. It requires careful attention and a set schedule for checks. With regular inspections, I spot and fix problems early. My way means small issues get fixed quickly with proactive repairs. This stops bigger, expensive problems and makes your roof last longer.

Emergency Services for Storm and Weather Damage

When storms hit unexpectedly, I know you need help fast. My emergency services act quickly to protect your home from wild weather. You can rely on Epic Construction’s strong support network whenever surprises happen.

I use sustainable stuff in my work, noting over 85% of solar panels can be recycled11. I’m all in for using quality, green materials. I keep up with new tech.  This way, I help your roof last longer and support the planet too.

I offer a service that’s as much about efficiency and fairness as it is about keeping your roof strong. I protect you against nature and time.


In short, Epic Construction is the top pick for top-notch roof installation services. Our green roofing cuts heating and cooling costs by 20%. It also triples the life of your roof12. Our work means your roof is strong, saves money, and helps the earth. Most roofs last up to 25 years13. But, our top methods and timing make your roof a great long-term choice for your home.

Our skilled team plans and acts at the best times—spring and fall13. We avoid extreme weather. This careful timing means we do a top job every time. We promise great skill and support for every roof.

Need a strong roof? Let Epic Construction help. We aim to add value to your home with reliable roofs. Every shingle we place helps keep your home safe. Reach out to us for quality roofs that last.


Why is quality roof installation important?

A good roof keeps your home safe and lasts long. It shields against rain and snow. Plus, it raises your house’s worth.

Why should I choose Epic Construction for roof installation?

Pick Epic Construction for top-notch roof setup. We have experienced workers and focus on doing a great job. Our goal is your happiness.

What does the roof installation process entail?

First, we chat with you to understand what you need. We plan a unique setup that fits your style.Then, our pros use the best materials for installing your roof. They follow the top methods.

Are your roof installers licensed?

Yes, our team has licenses. They know the newest ways to install roofs well.

How do you provide support and maintenance for roofs?

We check roofs often to spot and fix small problems early. This keeps your roof strong for a long time.We’re here to help quickly if bad weather hits your roof, too.

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