St. Joseph’s historic charm is protected by rules on building height. Most buildings in historic areas are under 35 feet tall.1 Metal roofing is a top choice to protect these buildings. At Epic Construction, we specialize in metal roofing installation in St. Joseph Missouri. We make sure it looks right and lasts long, even with 13.65 inches of summer rain.2 Our roofing services in St. Joseph MO focus on fitting in with historic looks and being tough.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose metal roofing for exceptional durability in St. Joseph’s variable weather.
  • Trust Epic Construction for expert installation, maintaining historic district standards.
  • Benefit from a roofing option that complements St. Joseph’s unique architectural character.
  • Experience our seamless service, from design guidelines to finished installation.
  • Enjoy the long-term cost savings and aesthetic appeal of our St. Joseph metal roofing solutions.

The Epic Roofing Company Difference

At Epic Construction, we’re proud to be top best metal roofing contractors in St. Joseph. We commit to the highest service standards. Our work shows our dedication to quality and professional ethics. This makes us stand out, ensuring your roof is a mark of our commitment.

High-Quality Metal Roof Installation Services

We know a strong roof is crucial. So, we offer durable and good-looking metal roofs. Our team pays close attention to every local metal roof installation in St. Joseph MO. They’re mostly engaged in their work3. They create metal parts with care3, aiming to go beyond your hopes.

Fast Response and Premium Workmanship

Quick service and quality are important to our clients. We meet most needs within a day4. This shows our dedication to speedy yet quality service. This is what makes our experienced roofing company in St. Joseph MO stand out.

Expertise in Insurance Coordination

Dealing with insurance for roof work can be tough. We make it easier, helping many with their claims4. Our smooth help has made us well-known as skilled, reliable roofers in insurance matters.

Service Aspect Client Experiences Cook Roofing Company Practice
Customer Satisfaction Overwhelmingly positive with multiple references to exceptional service4 Personalized service with attention to customer needs
Speed of Service Roofing needs often met within one day4 Efficient project management and rapid deployment of skilled teams
Professionalism High level of expertise noted by clients4 Continuous team training and skill development
Work Site Cleanliness Commendable post-project cleanliness4 Rigorous clean-up protocols to maintain site aesthetics

Why Choose Metal Roofing for Your St. Joseph Property?

Picking the right roofing is key for your St. Joseph home’s look and life. Metal roofing offers great durability. This means a longer life for your roof, about 40 to 60 years5. That’s way more than the common asphalt roofs that last 15-20 years5.

Enhanced Durability and Greater Lifespan

St. Joseph sees all kinds of weather, from lots of snow to warm temperatures. Metal roofs can handle these changes well. They aren’t easily damaged, cutting down on repair costs over time.

Stylish Options with Modern Appeal

Metal roofs aren’t just strong; they look good too. There are many modern designs that enhance your home’s curb appeal. Getting a metal roof means you don’t sacrifice looks for strength.

It’s smart to pick skilled and praised roofing pros for the job. . Choosing them ensures your roof looks great and lasts long. You’ll be happy knowing your home is well-protected.

Metal Roofing Installation in St. Joseph Missouri: What to Expect

Starting a metal roof project in St. Joseph, Missouri, means following a set process. It makes sure your roof lasts long and meets local rules. We, as top metal roofers in St. Joseph, help our customers from getting the permits to picking the best materials for their homes.

Understanding the Process for Precision Installation

Getting the right permits is crucial at the start. In St. Joseph, you need a permit for new roofs. These permits come from the Building Department7. They are for metal roofs and other big projects. They help ensure everything is safe and follows city rules7. You must follow a checklist and city code, especially for extra buildings7. How long review takes can change. It depends on your project’s size, if you’re in a flood zone, and if your application is complete7. Sometimes, for smaller projects, you can get permits quickly7.

Selection of Material and Style

Choosing the right materials and style is teamwork between the homeowner and installer. Our services in St. Joseph give clients many options that are both good and look nice. We aim for a metal roof that meets your needs, style, and budget. Since everyone’s needs are different, we offer personalized talks to go through the options. We discuss everything from interlocked panels to standing seam styles, to make sure the end result is what you dream of.

We work closely with local suppliers to know all about the latest trends and tech. This lets us give the best advice. Our service is why people think of us as one of the best in St. Joseph. The companies we list, with experiences from 3 to 47 years, show the great quality here8. With great reviews and high ratings from Angi customers, you’re sure to get excellent service from certified pros8.

Understanding the metal roof installation process helps clear doubts. We make sure you know everything from the beginning to the end. Our service is affordable and trusted for quality in St. Joseph.

Comparing Metal Roofing Costs and Benefits

Exploring roofing options shows metal roofing installation in St. Joseph Missouri as a standout choice. Up to 75% of residential contractors expect higher sales for 2021 than in 2020, showing increasing trust in metal9. Added to this, 18% of revenues come from metal roofing, with 68% anticipating more sales in 20219. It’s clear homeowners value metal roofs for their long life and easy upkeep.

Our study of State of the Industry Report and Survey data predicts a bright future for metal roofing. This applies to homes and businesses alike. An impressive 85% of residential roofers see their sales growing in the next three years9. Such numbers highlight metal roofing’s cost-effectiveness and its appeal. We’re dedicated to enhancing properties with our metal roof repair services in St. Joseph.

The investment in metal roofing is well-supported by its lasting nature. It’s also backed by changes in market preferences and strong performance. A big portion of contractors’ revenue comes from metal roofing. Over half expected more growth from 2019 to 2020. Then, 68% forecasted a rise in sales for 20219. Clearly, industry confidence in metal roofing is high. This makes it a wise choice for any property owner looking ahead.


Why should I choose Epic Construction for metal roofing installation in St. Joseph, Missouri?

Epic Construction is a trusted roofing company known for top-notch services. They are experts in metal roofing for homes or businesses. Count on them for the best metal roofing in St. Joseph, Missouri.

What sets Epic Roofing apart?

Epic Construction is known for their outstanding services and quality metal roofs. Their skilled team ensures each roof is perfectly installed. They are the top choice for metal roofs in St. Joseph.

What are the advantages of metal roofing?

Metal roofs last longer and are stronger than shingle roofs. They add a sleek look to your place, with many styles to choose from. Plus, they need less upkeep, saving you money in the long run.

What can I expect during the metal roofing installation process in St. Joseph, Missouri?

Choosing Epic Construction for your metal roof means a smooth process. Our pros help you pick the right materials and styles. They ensure a quality installation.

How do metal roofing costs compare to traditional roofing materials?

Metal roofs cost more upfront than shingle roofs, but they’re worth it. They last longer and need less care, saving money over time. They also protect better and can boost your property’s value.

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