I protect your business from the top. I’m all about great commercial roofing repair and replacement. Did you know a commercial roof should last about 20 years1? I aim to give top-notch work to make your roof last longer. This way, your business runs smoothly, and you save money.

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of timely commercial roofing repair to prevent costly issues2.
  • Understanding when a roof restoration can offer significant savings over a full replacement1.
  • How roof maintenance can improve energy efficiency and contribute to long-term cost reduction2.
  • The benefits of working with a reputable roofing company like Coryell Roofing with over 25 years of professional experience2.
  • Strategies for selecting between roof repair and replacement to enhance your building’s safety and durability2.
  • Minimizing disruption and waste during the roofing process1.

Comprehensive Commercial Roofing Solutions by Epic Construction

At Epic Construction, we lead in delivering top-notch commercial roofing solutions. Our focus is on tailoring roofing systems to meet various needs. We have created over 5,000 strong roofs for places like schools and industrial buildings3. Using Report 360 technology, we make sure to catch every single issue through detailed inspections.

Customized Roofing Systems to Suit Your Needs

We understand that each building is different. So, we craft roofing systems that look great and work perfectly. Our warranties range from 1-Year Workmanship to 35-Year NDL Protection. This gives our clients a sense of security3. With over $1,000,000 in projects and a team of certified pros, quality is our promise3.

Ensuring Adherence to Local Building Codes and Structural Assessments

We follow local building rules closely and check the structure of your roof for safety. Our Kansas licenses prove our commitment to top standards and customer happiness4. We also have over $10,000,000 in General Liability Coverage. This shows we care about your peace of mind3.

Advanced Roof Inspection with Report 360 for Precise Assessment

For top-level roof checks, we use Report 360. It helps us thoroughly review your roof to find any issues. Our team’s training in safety and craftsmanship ensures the best service3.

Warranty Options Team Certifications Reputation Ratings of Valued Partners
1-Year to 35-Year NDL Protection 30 Hour OSHA, Ladder Safety, Crane Rigging, etc. Next Level Roofing – Reputation: 5.04
Over 27 Years of Business Experience True Grit – Reputation: 4.9 on HomeAdvisor4
Over 5,000 Assemblies Designed Compliant with OSHA, BBB Torch Award 435 Roofing – Reputation: 4.8 on Facebook4

We promise to handle your roofing project with high skill and dedication. Our focus is on custom solutions, following rules, and thorough inspections. You can trust us for unmatched quality.

Commercial Roofing Repair and Replacement: Ensuring Integrity and Longevity

Every commercial property heavily relies on the quality of its roof. This protects it from nature and keeps it strong. My goal is to keep and fix these important parts through top commercial roofing repair and replacement. I use the latest codes and materials. This not only extends a roof’s life, which is usually 20 to 30 years5, but also makes it work better. This means less energy waste by fixing insulation problems5.

It’s crucial to notice roof problems early—like leaks, mold, or signs of damage6. Fixing these fast can prevent big costs later. Yet, sometimes a roof must be replaced. This is needed when damage is too great or it’s too old. A new roof meets modern standards and saves money in the long run6.

Choosing between fixing or replacing a roof involves looking at costs. Professional checks help find hidden issues. They compare fixing costs to the price of a new roof6. Also, using better roofing materials offers more protection5. And, it helps the environment by being more energy-efficient6.

Starting roof work needs careful planning. Everything from setting schedules to not disturbing businesses is considered6. I manage the whole process smoothly. Getting a new roof comes with warranties for materials and labor. This gives you extra security5.

In the end, picking between repair or replacement needs expert advice. I promise to keep not just the roof but the whole building in tip-top shape. Hiring a skilled roofer is a wise choice for your building’s worth and safety6.

Proactive Roof Maintenance Services with Defend 360

I believe in stopping problems before they start. My services aim to keep commercial roofs in great shape. This helps them last much longer. Using Defend 360, I create a special plan for each roof. This plan focuses on what each roof needs to stay strong.

Extend the Life of Your Commercial Roof

I want to help commercial roofs last longer. I use special care plans from Dr. Roof Inc. These plans include cleaning, checking the roof, and fixing small problems early7. This care helps protect roofs from bad weather7. Taking care of roofs this way saves money in the long run.

Custom Maintenance Programs Tailored for Industrial Roofs

Industrial roofs have unique needs. I made custom care plans for them. By checking roofs often, I prevent big problems, especially before storms. These checks help roofs be strong and meet insurance rules8. Looking after key areas like vents and gutters is also important. It keeps the building and people safe8.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Commercial Roof Replacement

Keeping a business’s structure up-to-date is key. That’s why I focus on cost-effective commercial roof replacement options. Many think high-quality service is expensive. Yet, I stand by offering affordable roof replacement solutions with no cut in quality or effectiveness.

Fixing small damage or weather harm usually costs between $150 to $1,5009. But, bigger repairs need more expertise and may cost from $1,500 to $8,0009. This is cheaper than letting damage grow, which could lead to full replacements. I make sure full replacements are more affordable, averaging around $11,5009. This is much less than the potential high of $80,0009.

Repair costs vary by material, something I make clear to clients. For example, fixing asphalt shingles averages at $875, and metal roofs at $1,5809. This shows a range that fits many budgets while still being cost-effective9. I promise affordable roof replacement, with clear, upfront costs. Factors like roof size, pitch, and season all affect the final cost9.

I guarantee value for your money. This is by matching our replacement plans to current averages and cost factors. This ensures minimal business interruption.

To learn more, check out roof repair costs. It shows how important financial planning is for cost-effective commercial roof replacement.


I’m devoted to offering top-notch services in commercial roofing. Choosing whether to fix or replace a roof is a big decision. It depends a lot on how old the roof is and its condition. This can affect its safety and how well it works. Most commercial roofs last between 15 to 25 years10. So, fixing roofs that are still quite new or only a bit worn can be a smart choice11.

Deciding to get a new roof isn’t just about spending money. It’s about making your commercial space better and stronger. Companies like RAMCON ensure safety when putting in new roofs10. They also help lower your energy costs by using roofs that save energy1011. Plus, a new roof makes your place look better11.

Every roof has its own story. This story is affected by the weather, how well it’s looked after, and what it’s made of. It’s very important to look at each roof on its own. Thinking about how much things cost over time and your budget right now1011, as well as how your business runs11, helps me give the best advice. I’m focused on protecting your commercial investments with my skills, careful planning, and commitment to excellence in every project.


What types of services does Epic Construction offer for commercial roofing?

Epic Construction has a wide range of roofing services. These cover design, installation, repair, and upkeep for businesses.

Does Epic Construction provide customized roofing systems?

Yes, Epic Construction creates and puts in place roofing systems. They’re made just for your specific needs.

How does Epic Construction ensure adherence to local building codes and conduct structural assessments?

Epic Construction follows local building codes closely. They also do in-depth checks. This ensures your roof is safe and strong.

What advanced roof inspection techniques does Epic Construction use?

Epic Construction uses cutting-edge inspection methods. They include something called Report 360. This helps find any possible issues early.

What services does Epic Construction offer for commercial roofing repair and replacement?

Epic Construction offers excellent repair and replacement. These services are aimed at solving any roofing problems. They also ensure your property is well-protected and lasts longer.

Does Epic Construction offer proactive roof maintenance services?

Yes, with their Defend 360 program, Epic Construction offers active upkeep services. This helps your roof last longer and avoids big repair costs.

Are there custom maintenance programs available for industrial roofs?

Yes, Epic Construction has special upkeep programs. These are designed for the unique needs of industrial roofs.

Does Epic Construction provide cost-effective solutions for commercial roof replacement?

Yes, Epic Construction ensures your business isn’t much disturbed. They provide affordable, high-quality roof replacement solutions.

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